A few tips for exploring a culture of taste using our aromatic blends.  Have fun, experiement and enjoy!


* Add a pinch or two of our aromatics into a cup of broth, cover for a minute or two for a quick nutritious soup

* Create a fantastic cheese spread, add 1 tsp - 1 Tbsp of our aromatics into 1 cup of soft cheese and mix well.  Add a splash of water to help soften the aromatics.  Let sit overnight, stir and serve with crusty bread or crackers 

* Add 1tsp - 1 Tbsp of aromatics into your burger meat, mix and grill 

* Combine your favoritte aromatic blend  with oil, honey, vinegar and salt to make a marinade or dressing

* A quick and easy appetizer... Warm a pat of butter in a sauce pan, add 1 generous tsp of aromatics and gently stir to coat with butter.  Add a splash of water and rehydrate for a minute on low while stirring.  Spread on crusty bread with a bit of goat cheese and a chive

* For and omelet, Mix 1/2tsp - 1tsp of aromatics into 2 eggs before you wisk and continue to make omelet with the aromatic infused egg

* Add 1 Tbsp to rice or quinoa as you cook for a quick and easy side

* Give a boost to your pasta sauce or soup with Duxelles or Just Tomatoes or both!

* Add 1 Tbsp of Duxelles or Sofrito to your homemade pizza just after you put on the sauce, continue with toppings and  cook